JR Discusses His Trip To FCW, The Treatment Of His Character, John Morrison, More


Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-My most recent trip to FCW in Florida was good. WWE has several, potential main eventers that are being groomed as we speak. No one candidate sticks out head and shoulders above the rest but there are many athletes that I feel will be in the hunt for a WWE roster spots sooner than later. The process is a long one and can take years to achieve much to the chagrin of some. Back in the day many wrestlers worked in territories for years before making it to WWE so why should today be any different? I realize that times have changed but calling a wrestler up to the main roster too soon is the kiss of death more often than not it seems. The athletes that come from organizations such as ROH have a little faster track to travel or so it seems. Many of the athletes need to focus on slowing down a knotch or two from bell to bell and to continue to dedicate themselves to the strength and conditioning program which I feel should be 100% mandatory. Being around the prospects is always a refreshing time for me as they all seemingly want an opportunity to live their dream by becoming a WWE star. I tell them to set their sights on headlining Wrestlemania and not to settle for simply earning a spot on the roster. I hope to get more involved in WWE developmental as it's an exciting time with which to be involved in the process. Nothing is more important for WWE's long term success than developing tomorrow's stars and then being ready to fully utilize them once that they are called up to the big time.

-Every time the 'JR' TV character gets dissed on WWE TV some fans feel that 'JR' should bolt the company that I've been with since 1993. That isn't going to happen. If my WWE tenure ended tomorrow, I'd likely consider writing a book and making a few appearences but re-engaging in a weekly, wrestling TV show is 'highly unlikely' as Gorilla Monsoon used to say. Agreed that some comments are ill advised at times but it's silly for me to invest emotion into a fictional process that is meant to anger many fans. It's obviously working to some degree.

-I'm not bothered by John Morrison leaving WWE and choosing to step away from the day to day rigors of the business to allow his body to heal and to recharge his creative batteries. No one can predict when Morrison will return to the ring but I suspect it will be serveral months. I think stepping away from weekly travel in a demanding business that has no off season is a wise thing to do if one has the ability to do so especially if one has had injury issues. John is still a young guy and I will be surpised if he doesn't return to WWE better than ever and in a much better position.

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