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JR Discusses John Cena & The Rock: Who Has The Upper Hand On The Mic & In The Ring, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

The big news of the night, which should come as no surprise, was the verbal exchange between @JohnCena and @TheRock. This one got intensely personal which I like as a fan but which I didn't care for when I was an administrator.

Some talents couldnt separate their day job from real life therefore feathers were ruffled at times and insecure egos had to be soothed. The final segment of RAW occasionally crossed the line into No Man's Land from a content standpoint but that's what occurs when highly competitive, motivated talents are holding a live mic and are in front of a passionate audience.

How can one assume, as some have suggested to me here, that Rock and Cena will 'cool off' before April 1 now that they have "gotten things off their chest?" That's not how it works in this business. The duel of oneupsmanship has begun in earnest and it will carry over to the ring at WrestleMania. Guaranteed.

Cena seemed to get the verbal nod in Portland and should have the in ring advantage going into WM28 considering that Cena gets more ring time than does the Rock. With that said, Rock is a 3rd generation talent who is amazingly athletic and hates finishing second in anything that he does. What ever is necessary for Rock to eliminate any 'ring rust' before WrestleMania will be done by the man who wants to make a lasting impression in his hometown come WM28. Rock certainly didn't disappoint in his November Survivor Series tag bout and I expect him to play at National Championship level at 'Mania.

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