JR Discusses Kane, WrestleMania Rematches, His Announcing Philosophy, More


Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-What did I think of Kane's return to WWE at Raw during the closing moments of the Slammy's? I thought it was an excellent surprise and it made an impact. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess but getting back a star with Kane's name identity is viable for WWE. He also looked to be leaner and in great physical condition. I'm still amazed that many fans thought that it really wasn't Kane but an imposter or a 'new' Kane. Some even thought it was the Undertaker dressed in Kane attire. Will Kane wrestle the Undertaker at WM28? I don't know who will compete on Raw this Monday much less who all will be on the card for WM28.

-Are Wrestlemania rematches always a bad idea? Absolutely not. If that theory was accurate then we would have not had Taker vs. HBK 2. Every match comes with a different backstory, or it should, and therefore having bouts at Wrestlemania that fans have seen before always being bad doesn't hold water. Return bouts have been in the morm for years in the wrestling biz. Plus, entities like the NFL couldn't stay in business without some teams playing each other more than once a year. Yeah, I know, that's legit sports vs entertainment but even entertainment features multiple part films, sequels, etc. For return bouts, it is always about the reason for the rematch and what new wrinkles are added to the equation.

-What is my announcing philosophy? Short answer is that embellishing the skills of the in ring talents comes first, why said talents are in a given bout follows, and always avoid using negative/negative analogies to describe the stars. Every performer has to have their redeeming qualities re-enforced no matter their TV persona. It's a delicate, balancing act for broadcasters. Even villains, once clearly identified as villains, have positive attributes that need underscoring. Plus, the various titles have to be made to be special because they are intended to be and that will never change. Society understands championships.

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