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JR Discusses Living With Bell's Palsy, Dean Ambrose's Future, Whether The Undertaker Has Retired From The Ring, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-I made a comment about Bells palsy that essentially said that I refuse to allow adversity to make me a coward or to cause me to fail. Three attacks Bells palsy that left me with lingering paralysis around my mouth, etc has had a profound affect on my career and my appearance but I see SO many others with worse issues/afflictions with which they must address that it makes my issues and others in the same boat seem miniscule.

I'm not a proponent of "poor me" or "woe is me" but some on Twitter feel that I'm too harsh when addressing these matters. When asked my opinion be prepared for just opinion.

-Yes, I'm interested in the @RealMickFoley and @DeanAmbrose Twitter war of words but I have no idea where it's headed. Could Foley actually have a match some day with FCW's Ambrose who has also had issues with @RealKingRegal. 

I mentioned on Saturday that Ambrose reminded me somewhat of a young, Roddy Piper. Hope that I didn't jinx the kid who would have huge shoes to fill if my assessment is accurate. Ambrose, like several currently training in Tampa, has a legit shot to be successful in WWE at some point in the future.

-I might be naive and I know that I'm out of the loop, which, BTW, isn't a gripe, but IF Undertaker was going to retire, don't you think that WWE would make a HUGE deal of it? Can you think of another wrestler's retirement that would be as impactful as the Undertaker's at this point in time? So....I am still of the mindset that Undertaker will return to the ring at the appropriate time.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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