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JR Discusses MVP On His Podcast, Bubba Ray's Early Influences, And The WWE Target Audience

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JR posted a new blog today, talking about who's been on his recent podcasts, and the WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match pay-per-view:

- MVP also talks in sobering terms of his former traveling partner the late, Chris Benoit and their relationship and how it developed in WWE notwithstanding Chris' infamous final days of Benoit's life.

- We talk Bubba's early influences, his days in ECW, the great run that he and Devon had in WWE, the TLC matches that they were instrumental in helping build, an issue that Bubba had with Randy Orton, their dream opponents and who I would have loved to have seen the Dudley's face back in the day.

- WWE should target the older fan who may have ceased becoming a regular, weekly viewer in recent years as their primary target demo to subscribe to their WWE Network. The older fan has more disposable income and makes more long term buying decisions than do the younger crowd who still lives at home or are still students.

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