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JR Discusses Who's Missing From The WWE Hall Of Fame, The Problem With Today's Young Talent, His Dream Matches, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-"Who should be in the WWE HOF?" How do I honestly answer that question other than to provide an opinion which automatically begins debate over someone's favorite that I didn't mention? It's the old damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. 

I do know that I fully understand that the 'celebrity wing' of the WWE HOF is some what 'honorary' and media related as in garnering publicity, etc. I completely separate the two induction distinctions but many do not. For example, "How can Drew Carey be in the WWE HOF and Randy Savage isn't?" Carey is in that 'honorary' wing of which Savage would not be a part of when Randy finally does get inducted. One has nothing to do with the other.

-"Will Andy Kaufman ever be inducted into the WWE HOF?" Hard to say but I could see that happening. Certainly if Andy were still alive it would be a no brainer and I don't mean to sound crass. Kaufman brought a great deal of attention to wrestling via his issue with Jerry Lawler on the David Letterman Show, etc and by being the "Intergender Wrestling Champion." Apparently 'Man on the Moon' the film about Kaufman starring Jim Carrey with The King and yours truly with a bit part must have been airing recently as I've gotten lots of feedback on it from fans who had previously not seen the Milos Foreman film. BTW Lance Russell, another HOFer in my eyes, did the ring announcing in the movie and I did Lance's role. Don't ask me how that made sense but we all did as directed and had fun doing it.

-"What is one thing that is missing w/ some of today's young wrestlers?" They aren't hungry enough or willing to challenge a top star for their spot on the roster. Too many talents are content to not make 'waves' and to live quietly and somewhat financially comfortable within their comfort zones. I can assure you that the comfort zone complex is the kiss of death in most organizations and businesses and is not exclusive to sports entertainment. 

-What's my favorite 'dream match' or matches I'd like to see in their prime? Austin vs. Flair, HBK vs. Jack Brisco, HHH vs. Harley Race, Dan Hodge vs Kurt Angle, Rock vs. Roddy Piper, John Cena vs. Terry Funk, Undertaker vs. Bruiser Brody...for starters.

Click here to read JR’s latest in its entirety.

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