JR Explains Travel Arrangements For WWE Talent On Overseas Tours, David Otunga Featured

Jim Ross

- Jim Ross posted a new blog entry on his official website on Sunday. In it, he blogged about the main event outcome of UFC 167 and John Cena playing to the crowd about the possibility of Wrestlemania taking place in London. There was one tidbit that I thought readers would find interesting as it's a question I get from time-to-time in Ask WNW:

Long and grueling trip for WWE talents who have been throughout Europe the past couple of weeks and change. Considering WWE handles all the travel, provides plenty of food, as in every meal, and lodges their talents at excellent hotels, it makes the trip easier but it can never be made to be like a relaxing vacation. It's a business trip. A series of one night stands, 17 of them for example, is never going to be easy. The travel arrangements and accommodations are better than they've ever been but again how do you make 17, one night stands easy? You don't.

However, it does make the trip better if talents discipline themselves to get ample rest and don't over imbibe on alcoholic beverages.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

- WWE features a behind the scenes look at David Otunga's Muscle & Fitness cover shoot in a new episode of Outside the Ring. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

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