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JR Gives Raw Thoughts, Appearing On HBK's Show, UK Tour?

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

Enjoyed the Shield presentation Monday night on RAW. Not sure what I would have changed. I liked the succinct, cut to the chase interview and particularly liked the fact that it was pre-taped in a controlled environment.

Again, some younger fans will likely, at some point, grow impatient with the pace of how this faction is being built but there is no way, to my line of thinking, to hot shot effectively and force a talent or talents down the throats of a much more educated, discerning audience these days. That may have worked to some degree occasionally in the past but I'm not of the mindset that it will work today.

@thedeanambrose, @wwerollins, and @romanreigns are have unique qualities that they bring to the dance as was somewhat illustrated Monday night. Bottom line is that they all 'want it' and seem to be willing to continue to work harder than many of their young peers in accomplishing their goals. They are not at a place where they can essentially take a 'day off' of preparation. I know these three to be aggressive, in ring talents and that trait alone will help them on their journey. All three are totally different personalities which is a positive but I love the fact that they are all young and are being provided an opportunity to push others already on the main roster aside on their way to main event status.

It's a long, hard ride (Thanks David Allan Coe) and will not be accomplished without personal sacrifice and by remaining relentless.

@wwesheamus continues his string of having physically demanding matches as was evidenced by his excellent bout with @antoniocesaro Monday night. I'm a proponent of athletic physicality and love the drama that it creates. Even though I like comedy, in general, the genre of sports entertainment, for my money, thrives on drama and personal issues that are resolved in unpredictable physical encounters.

I'm encouraged by the on going development of such talents as @wadebarrett, @wwedanielbryan. @TrueKofi, among others. WWE is doing a nice job of continuing to build some new, foundation players for the future which, as I've often said, simply takes time.

I'm enjoying the work of @michaelcole and @jerrylawler in such a challenging role. Doing 'storytelling' oriented commentary along with navigating 15 commercial breaks is daunting. I'm happy that Cole was given a reprieve from Smackdown and the dynamic of @JCLayfield and @WWEJoshMathews works well for me as a viewer. Again, broadcastign today's genre is tougher and more challenging than its ever been. The game has changed.

Storytelling oriented commentary is so much different that what many of us used to do when one man provided "play by play" while the other, usually an antagonist, handled the color commentary. It's simply a matter of changing times and many fans of this generation have never really had the opportunity to experience the old school style that arguably ended, by and large, shortly after the Attitude Era.

Speaking of the Attitude Era, @THQ presentation #WWE13 is getting great reviews and I'm getting some positive feedback @JRsBBQ on the commentary that The King and I did on the Attitude Era portion of the video game. It was a blast to do I assure one and all.

Talked to @shawnmichaels yesterday and I'm going to be a guest on his hunting show in the to be determined. We'll be hunting feral hogs which have been deemed a menace to almost epidemic proportions in much of Texas. Sounds like a nice BBQ is going to be in order.

I'm happy to receive so many WWE Creative questions on our Q&A section of this site but I have zero contact with that entity and like it that way. I'd much rather watch the WWE broadcasts as a fan and not be preconditioned in any way.

There's interest in me doing a small, England tour in the summer of 2013 along the lines of "An Evening With...." concept featuring stories, humor and Q&A's. It's still in the raw, planning stages but I'm hopeful that something can be worked out. Sounds like it could be fun and would be something new for me to try.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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