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JR Names John Cena's Best In-Ring Promo, Discusses WrestleMania XXVIII Main Events, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Q.."Did John Cena's promo Monday night on Raw resonate with you?" It impressed me a great deal as I thought it was John's best in ring promo ever. He spoke from his heart and how that he personally feels about @TheRock whether folks agree with @JohnCena or not. I loved John's passion and expect one hell of a rebuttal this Monday night on RAW.

-The best and most productive rivalries in the genre of sports entertainment, and this goes back forever, are organic, personal issues. Yes, 'meaningful' titles are imperative, without question, but adding the personal component to a title tilt makes it even more marketable. That's what I see happening with the @CMPunk vs. @IAmJericho WWE Title bout at WM28. The WWE Title is the most coveted prize in WWE but this bout will escalate even more while becoming a personal issue of significance. The on camera build for Punk-Jericho should rival anything that we fans have heard and seen in years.

-Neither Cena nor Rock will wilt while closing the show in Miami. Both men come from legit, athletic backgrounds where being in the starting lineup and playing in the big game was a part of their athletic DNA. Both men have intense work ethic and both perceive that they are the alpha male inside the squared circle. Obviously something has to give and watching this one play out including this Monday in Portland on Raw all the way through to the 'second bell' at WM28 truly intrigues me. 

-As far as Undertaker vs. HHH inside HIAC, one can safely say that these two future Hall of Famers have logged more WrestleMania main events than they have left. Am I saying that this is the last time that we see either HHH or Undertaker compete at a WrestleMania? No. However, no one ever beats Mother Nature which is why I think that these two, talented, dedicated and passionate veterans will have a match for the ages inside the unyielding HIAC. Both know what to do inside 'Satan's Structure" to maximize the impact of their presentation. I see two, proud men wrestling as if this could be their last WM match because no one can guarantee our tomorrows.

Click here to read JR’s latest in its entirety.

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