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JR On Big Andy Trying Out For The NFL, Scouting With Brisco, Punk vs. Undertaker

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are the highlights:

Emotionally investing in one's life, totally, generally equates to positive results. Living in one's comfort zone isn't advisable.

Got an email from a NFL writer/friend where former Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine is preparing to try his hand at pro football again. I wish him the best on such a daunting challenge and getting a free agent deal.

My theory is that, if one does the math, that it's harder to make a WWE primary roster than it is to make a NFL team. Certainly an arguable point but the number of 'spots' available for both entities favors football.

In July, I will assist Jerry Brisco at a tryout camp in Waterloo, Iowa in conjunction with the annual National Wrestling Hall of Fame function at the Dan Gable Museum. This is another superb event for fans to enjoy. It's July 12-13 and Ric Flair, Bill Watts, Edge, Jim Brunzell and George Napolitano will all be honored. I love going to Waterloo and meeting the many fans, wrestlers and legends in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Anxious to see the follow up Monday night in Indy on RAW especially between @CMPunk and The Undertaker notwithstanding Brock Lesnar and @TripleH. Two hugely compelling WM 29 scenarios. Do I expect Lesnar to commit to fighting HHH at WM29? Do I want to sell you some JR's? Hell, yes! This is crunch time for everyone associated with WWE as the Road To WrestleMania separates the wannabe's from the players.

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