JR On John Cena Taking Time Off; Train w/Rollins For $400

Seth Rollins

JR On John Cena’s Time Off

While we do not routinely cover the blogs of Jim Ross posted on his JRsBarBQ.com website, I found his comments on John Cena taking time off from WWE to be fascinating. You can read them below:

RAW really needs a strong show on Monday in Boston and the question is do they do an injury storyline of some sort or a suspension situation to explain the omnipresent John Cena's very rare absence that is coming up very soon for the next several weeks. I like this for many reasons as Cena needs time to recharge his batteries and it forces WWE';s hand to develop other, main event level stars of which they are dangerously thin on at the top of te roster. Plus the status of the US Title is another issue that will have to be addressed. This entire matter should give WWE creative some new material of which they really need to feature. Unpredictability is missing from RAW which isn't for which ihe show is known.

CLICK HERE to read JR’s latest in its entirety and don’t forget to sauce it!

Train w/Rollins for $400

WWE announced on Monday they’ve teamed with Arena MMA & Fitness Center in Jeddah to do CrossFit with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for $400. Complete details are available at this link.

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