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JR On UK Tour, Mid South DVD, WWE Performance Center, Sting To WWE?

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

My 1st ever Spoken Word Tour of the UK is August 24-27 and with VIP tickets that get you a private meet and greet along with photo and autograph ops and are sold out except for the Cardiff show and they have only a few left. Regular seats remain for all the shows in Cardiff, London (less than 6 remain in total) Manchester and Glasgow. For Ticket info you can easily log onto

Just received an advance copy of the Legends of Mid South DVD, three disc set for my review. This long awaited collection will be released September 10 in the USA and about a week later in the UK as I understand it. I had the chapters and the full match lineup in a blog here on the site a couple of weeks ago but apparently my blogs are not widely read as the IWC is just now printing the list and crediting others for providing it. Drat...thought I had a scoop.

Less than a week away from the July 11 grand opening of the new, WWE Performance Center in Winter Park, Florida. Invitations have been extended to many and I'm expecting this to be a huge event/turnout celebrating a milestone day in WWE. If we are able to consistently bring in charismatic, world class athletes into this facility the future of WWE will be even brighter.

My Twitter, @JRsBBQ, timeline is being hammered with the latest Sting rumors of him coming to WWE at some point in the future. Are these rumors of any significant difference than the basic, same ones that we've been hearing since WCW closed their doors or every time Sting's contract nears it's end? As best that I know, Sting is very happy where he is currently working and has no plans to launch a WWE in ring career at the age of 54. I've known Sting since day one and have immense respect for the man and do feel that he will be a WWE HOFer some day. There's some cool stuff on the Mid South DVD with Sting and his tag team partner Rock aka Ultimate Warrior in their Blade Runner incarnation.

I cannot predict the future but these daily, Sting-to-WWE rumors are merely internet dribble and are unfounded although they always seem to make for interesting fan chatter. Obviously, something as simple as Sting appearing in a WWE promo last week in the build to the WWE vs. World Title match featuring Cena vs. Del Rio likely fueled this fire, too.

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