JR On What He Anticipates For Tonight's Raw Supershow, Wrestlemania Being 4 Hours, Remembers Doug Furnas


Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are the highlights:

I'm anticipating some interesting 'competition' Monday night on Raw as the show stealer, Shawn Michaels, returns to live TV to, apparently, address HHH regarding HIAC at WM28. Point being is that last week's Raw ended with the memorable verbal confrontation between Rock and John Cena and knowing how much HHH and HBK enjoy main event status, who will stand out the most in Boston?

I'd be remiss if I didn't add Chris Jericho and CM Punk to the mix which makes for an interesting RAW on multiple fronts. I still feel that Punk vs. Jericho is going to be damn hard to follow at WM28.

Another question is will we see any physicality between any of the participants of the three, top WM28 bouts? Four, if one includes Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Boston's Monday Night Raw should be a compelling show as the goal is always to build momentum to get to the primary destination, WM28, with as much of a buzz as can be created.

The pressure is on for all involved to deliver in a big time way which was always the fun part of the job for me. The bigger the stage the better I felt that I performed. At least that was always my mindset. My role at ringside totally ceased being a 'job' when the lights were on their brightest. It was too much fun to be considered work.

Will WrestleMania be a four hour PPV this year? I assume so and that might not be enough time for all that's being presented. It's going to be a loaded PPV.

Sad to hear of the news of fellow Oklahoman Doug Furnas passing away Friday night at his home in Tucson. Doug was from Commerce, Oklahoma, Mickey Mantle's hometown, and played football at NEO in Miami, a JUCO, then at the University of Tennessee. Doug was also one of the most honored powerlifters in the history of that sport.

We brought Doug and his tag team partner Phil LaFon to WWE in 1996 and they never disappointed with their work ethic or professionalism. The duos best work was arguably in Japan with some of their tag bouts still being cult classics with hardcore, mat fans.

I actually officiated a high school football game or two of Doug's when he played at Commerce High School where his funeral will be held Saturday afternoon. Doug and his brother Mike were outstanding athletes for the Commerce Comets and in college. I remember talking football with Doug and he loved Tennessee football and especially had great respect for his position coach, Phil Fulmer, who would go on to become the head coach of the Vols.

Doug was a soft spoken, highly intelligent man who was battling Parkinson's Disease. I've been around many great athletes in my career but I can't recall seeing anyone with more of a combination of strength, speed and agility as Doug Furnas. His power lifting numbers were off the chart, his drop kicks were pieces of art and his speed was amazing for someone as thickly muscled especially his freakish quadriceps. RIP Doug Furnas...a friend and respected colleague.

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