JR Previews Tonight's Raw & Confirms October 1 Will Be "JR Appreciation Night"


Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

Tonight's Montreal Raw should be loaded w/ emotion in the arena. Montreal native and WWE HOF Pat Patterson will be recognized. One of the smartest wrestling minds in history. I learned so much from Pat when I came to WWE. Along w/ Bill Watts & Vince McMahon, Pat ranks up there in a small group of brilliant strategists. Eddie Graham also comes to mind on a debatable short list.

Plus, Patterson was an amazing in ring talent. Amazing. His tag team w/ Ray Stevens was arguably the best duo ever. Always top five in my eyes.

Bret Hart returning to Raw in Montreal for 1st time sine the controversial 1997 Survivor Series should elicit an amazing, loud, sustained standing ovation. Key word is respect as the Hitman has earned it many times over.

Humbled that WWE will honor yours truly at the Monday October 1 Raw in OKC. I've had some unique experiences in my home state w/ WWE. Very much looking forward to see what Oct 1 will bring. It won't be boring that's for sure. Hope we have a full house. That might earn OKC another PPV down the road.

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