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JR Reviews Slammiversary, Discusses WWE And ROH To Come, And Looks At The Spurs

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JR posted a new blog today, and takes a serious look at TNA and all that went down Sunday night:

- Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray all losing on the same show could be a head scratcher but if it helps get new talents over and legitimately builds for the future then I'm all for it. In other words if there is a long term, definitive plan in place then bravo to TNA.

- Every smart promoter that I ever worked with generally booked to his roster's strengths and did his best to conceal his roster's weaknesses. Impact Wrestling's roster strength is bell to bell wrestling.

- Speaking of Impact, tomorrow night (Tuesday) I will visit with Bubba Dudley on the Ross Report for a future podcast. Check out the home page for our list of upcoming guests and air dates. Bubba or Bully is one of my favorite guys in the biz and a true, old school, man's man. Plus, MVP is my guest this week and we talk extensively about his 9 1/2 year prison term and his relationship and some compelling info on the late, Chris Benoit.

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