JR On Seth Rollins's Injury, Not Being Contacted For XFL Feature, TNA Restructure

Jim Ross

Jim Ross penned a new blog entry on his official website where he gave some commentary on some issues regarding the professional wrestling business:

Seth Rollins:

“Sad to hear that Seth Rollins re-injured his knee Monday night on Raw while being assaulted by Samoa Joe. A torn MCL generally takes about 6-8 weeks to heal and be cleared which might allow Rollins to go ahead with his match at Wrestlemania with HHH. This entire matter will depending on what Dr James Andrews staff has to say regarding clearing Rollins to return to the ring. Rollins showed magnificent resolve rehabbing his last knee injury and I have no doubt that he will do the same again with this less severe injury.

Plus I believe that HHH vs Rollins can be a tremendous match without it having to be laden with risky moves for move's sake. Unless Rollins experiences complications while rehabbing this latest injury, I am optimistic that the Rollins-HHH bout at Wrestlemania will proceed.”

Not being contacted for ESPN’s XFL ’30 for 30’ piece:

“The XFL 30 for 30 airs tonight on ESPN and because I wasn't contacted for the feature I have no idea what to expect from the 90 minute documentary. I had a great time that season and it certainy wasn't because of the money I was paid which was a whopping $1500 per game. I do know that the NFL shed no tears seeing the XFL fade away after only one season as the mighty NFL wanted their football space on national TV to be their's and their's alone. The irony is that the XFL, over time, could have been a cost efficient feeder system for the NFL that made more sense than financing a NFL league in Europe.”

TNA’s restructure:

“Optimistic to hear a bit of the plans regarding Anthem's plans to resurrect Impact Wrestling. Cutting down their taping days to four days from over a week will result in a better product on all fronts. A few 'adds' and a couple of 'good byes' will enhance the Impact locker room which has a solid foundation to build around. Impact's biggest obstacle is to eventually strengthen their TV clearance in the USA.

As long as Anthem doesn't allow too many cooks in the creative kitchen and they rely on their wrestling people to manage the wrestling content, this brand has a chance to survive and grow over time.“

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