JR & WM30 Week, Cody Rhodes Says He Paid To Have White IC Title Belt Recreated

Jim Ross

- Jim Ross posted a new blog entry Friday on his official website. In it, he wrote that he's looking to hold a "JR show" or two in New Orleans during Wrestlemania XXX week. He also addressed the passing of Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon among other things. Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

- Cody Rhodes told Chad Dukes that he paid to have the white WWE Intercontinental Championship belt recreated. He said he was refunded, urging "heavily refunded," but that he was happy to see it still in existence. In the same interview, Cody said in the past (when he was tagging with Damien Sandow) he would say he preferred working in singles but that he's happy with his current run. You can listen to the interview at this link.

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