JR's Raw Thoughts, How He Feels Towards Glenn Beck, Takes Personal Offense To HoF Disses

Jim Ross updated the blog section on his official website following this week's episode of WWE Raw. Below is an excerpt:

The McMahon-Heyman in ring confrontation told a brief albeit short story that set up the HHH-Lesnar confrontation nicely. Lesnar needed, allegedly 12 or more staples in his head to close up a nasty gash that he received in a collision with the ring post. BTW the ring post generally wins those meetings.

I am hopeful that HHH vs. Lesnar is a major part of WM29 and I have NO issues with this or any other viable match being a 'return' contest. Those that have issues with big time matches having a second go around have issues that I honestly can't fully fathom. I can't think of too many, major WWE main events that haven't had a return match with the exception of a small handful. This concept has been around since before I got in the business in 1974 and is a viable part of the fabric of what sports entertainment is.

I did not miss Glenn Beck not appearing on RAW. As I've said, I'm not a political animal and I hadn't even heard Glen Beck's name mentioned since he exited CNN. I'd suggest that Beck got more publicity over this WWE business than he has for any thing else that's happened in his career except when Bill Maher occasionally makes fun of him on Maher's HBO show.

@MichaelCole handled the attempt to interview Beck extremely well and professional. Check it out on You Tube or at WWE.com.

I take personal offense when I am tweeted that the WWE HOF is meaningless. I wear my WWE HOF ring daily and feel very blessed to have been inducted in 2007.

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