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JR's Thoughts On Paul Bearer Tribute, Chris Jericho's WWE Future

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry with his Raw thoughts now online. Below is an excerpt:

WWE TV personnel had a great night as the Paul Bearer tribute video, the HHH/Lesnar & Cena/Rock video packages were all excellent.

For those complaining about the usage of Paul Bearer's image less than a week after his sudden passing last Tuesday at the age of 58, I suggest that they relax. I'm guessing that I knew Percy better than most complaining within the internet wrestling community and I can say without hesitation that he would have loved how his TV persona was honored notwithstanding how he contributed to one more storyline leading into WrestleMania.
Punk interrupting the final moments of the opening Paul Bearer tribute was villainy 101.

As a matter of fact, I felt like Punk had more antagonist angst when Raw was going off the air than he did when he first arrived on the scene in the first segment of the show.

The idea is to motivate fans to pay to see the villain get his ass handed to him and if that theory is accurate then WWE succeeded in regards to the Taker-Punk 'Streak' match at WM29.

@CMPunk will always have his fans because many fans love to cheer excellence while others simply are being defiant but make no mistake about it this bout at WM29 will be emotion filled.

"The Highlight Reel"....hmmm.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety. You can read my thoughts on the Bearer stuff at this link.

- Mark Madden interviewed Chris Jericho at this link. In it, Jericho said he doesn't think he'll ever work a full-time WWE schedule again because of all the other stuff he has going on. He said there are a few things on the table for him at Wrestlemania that he has been discussing with Vince McMahon but wouldn't go into specifics. Jericho also credited DDP Yoga for being able to still wrestle at a high level.

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