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JR's Year-End Thoughts & What He Expects From Upcoming Talent In 2013

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

I'm optimistic that 2013 will be a banner year for WWE. There are several outstanding young talents training in NXT along with the newer performers, among others, who have just begun their WWE, main roster journey that offer me great hope for the future.

There's also several more established names in WWE who have, seemingly, been percolating on the back burner for a good while that have been on a steady, upward climb to main event relevancy throughout most of 2012.

I've been impressed with TheShield and how they have been presented by WWE in addition to the effort displayed by each member of the faction. All three men offer something special. None are overtly head and shoulders above the other and each has the opportunity to become special in their own, individual careers. These men are hungry and seem to be willing to outperform many of their peers within the WWE locker room to earn lucrative spots at the top of the card. More established talents who enjoy their own, self created comfort zones would be well served to look over their shoulders.

Newcomer Big E Langston has been introduced in a meaningful way by WWE. I have been a supporter of Big E's for quite some time. Having spent a great deal of time in WWE Talent Development and watching 'E' train and getting to know him, he's a bright, athletic young man who will hopefully continue to grind and study his craft. His physical gifts are obvious.

With all that said, I am a firm believer that talents largely make their own breaks especially today with no territories with which to pluck established, main eventers. How much one is willing to invest DAILY in one's career is the difference in getting to the Promised Land OR choosing to use their lack of effort and initiative to blame the business, the establishment, creative, etc for one's failure. Some who read this will disagree with my assessment which is fine. Unlike many keyboard warriors on Twitter or those who become tough guys on internet message boards, success, no matter what field it may be, is largely dependent on the person who one sees daily in the mirror. That's simply my opinion.

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