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Jushin "Thunder" Liger announced during a press conference yesterday that he would be retiring from professional wrestling next January at the next Tokyo Dome card.  Liger said that he hopes to wrestle all around the world until January, where he will hang up his boots.  Jushin has wrestled all over the world from NJPW to WCW, from ROH to NXT. You name a professional wrestling organization and there is a significant chance Liger has wrestled there.  When he retires his career will have spanned more than 35 years. He has been IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion an astounding 11 times, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion 2 times, NWA World Welterweight Champion once, a WCW Light Heavyweight Champion, a WWF(E) Light Heavyweight Champion, an Open the Dream Gate Champion. The list honestly goes on and on.  Jushin "Thunder" Liger is an absolute legend and we here can't wait to see what the final year of his career looks like and we hope him happiness in his post professional wrestling life. 

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