Justin Gabriel On The Lack Of Creative Direction In Recent Years


Dot com ran an interview with Justin Gabriel on Thursday before his tag team match on this week's episode of WWE NXT aired on the WWE Network. In it, he touched on the lack of creative direction (although no one called it that) in recent years and spun it into storyline:

I've been trying out a few different things in life and in wrestling. Life has worked out great, but the wrestling, not so much. When I broke away from everyone else, I became a lone wolf. The WWE Universe was my friends/family. I kept myself busy trying to impress and entertain them. The arenas used to go ballistic when I climbed to the top rope to deliver my 450⁰ Splash. That was what fueled me. So I didn't really care about anything else, didn't care about fighting smart. All I wanted to do was hit the move, see the smiles on people’s faces and leave. And then read about how great it was on social media later. But I think that is where I went wrong. I did it for everyone else and not me. Now I think very differently. I’m doing things for me.

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Richard Reacts: The new found use of Justin Gabriel in NXT continues what I've been told about why WWE has delayed all plans for a prospective cruiserweight series on WWE Network. NXT is already a brand of its own and as is evident with its champion, Adrian Neville, high-paced action is a big part of it. This also continues the discussion whether or not there will be talent solely designated to NXT without the possibility of ever getting called up.

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