Kaitlyn Discusses WWE Dressing Her Differently Ahead Of Divas Title Reign


WWE.com has a new exclusive interview online with former WWE Diva Kaitlyn as she appears on the cover of the April 2016 issue of Iron Man Magazine. In it, she talked about dressing her differently in preparation for her push as Divas Champion. Below is one excerpt:

Here’s a cool story. When I was Divas Champion, Triple H and [another WWE executive] basically, in the nicest way possible, told me I wasn’t dressing myself the way I should and that they were going to take me shopping, get me some new looks and get some custom gear made. They really believed in me. So, for a few weeks in a row, I got to go to New York, and I had meetings with Stephanie [McMahon] and Hunter in Stamford at WWE Headquarters. They wanted me to be ready for any opportunity that was thrown at me.

I’m a bigger, more muscular girl, and back then, I guess I just didn’t really know how to dress myself. So, I think that was a goal to feel more comfortable and know what looks good on me. WWE found me this incredible seamstress who — and I’m not making this up — was one of Beyoncé’s seamstresses. It was the coolest thing! I had four or five meetings with her, and she made me this incredible gear: two or three outfits and this sick jacket. It was everything I could have ever wanted.

Once that was made, she sent it to me and I was so grateful. Then I lost the Divas Title and — I think this is kind of well-known now — but during the last few months I was with WWE, I had a lot of weight gain. I had a lot of health issues and a thyroid issue, so I wasn’t on TV. Long story short … I never got to wear any of the outfits.

So fast-forward two years, I got to do this incredible Iron Man Magazine shoot, and I got to wear the jacket. It was really cool for me to wear it, and it was such an awesome thing that WWE did for me. I loved the jacket so much. I knew I would probably never get to wear the wrestling gear, but I got to wear it for the shoot, and it’s super-meaningful for me.

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