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Kane Hangs Up On The KiddChris Show When Former Gimmick Is Brought Up

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There are certain things that can set a pro wrestler off and apparently mentioning Isaac Yankem is off limits for Kane. Kane hung up on The KiddChris Show out of Cincinnati, Ohio when his evil dentist gimmick of the 90s was brought up to start his interview to promote Saturday's WWE live event in the city.

You can listen to what happened in the player below:

If the player doesn't load, click here to listen now.

Joe Villa, who handles Talent Marketing Inquiries for WWE, was left in an awkward position after The Big Red Machine abruptly ended the interview. As you heard in the player above, one of the hosts said that was the first guest that's been "just a complete ass" and said "what a clown."

Richard Reacts: That was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I'm not sure why Kane was so grouchy but that was epic! How about the Ric Flair impersonation at the end of that? Listen to this all the way through, you'll be glad you did!

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