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Kane Remembers Paul Bearer, Comments On Daniel Bryan, Wearing A Mask

The Flagship out of Norfolk, Virginia has a new Q&A online with Kane. Below is an excerpt:

The Flagship: With the unfortunate passing of Paul Bearer, would you like to share how he impacted your career?

Kane: He was an integral part of my early years as Kane. Without Paul Bearer, there wouldn’t have been a Kane, because he was such an important part of that story. Also, we traveled together for a few years, so it was a loss on a personal level for me as well. He came back and managed me in 2010 when I was World Champion, which was really cool – again against The Undertaker. Just like everyone else, I was a big fan of Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle, and all of the other names that he went by. It was a tough loss for everybody. We went to the viewing and what was really amazing was there were flowers there from all over the country – really, all over the world. It was nice to see an outpouring of affection from fans all over the place.

The Flagship: You’ve been in the WWE for nearly 18 years now. What do you attribute to your longevity?

Kane: Well, I work hard and I show up. I’ve been very fortunate that I haven’t gotten injured a bunch. I try to take care of myself. I think, too, my size gives me an advantage in some ways. I’m not always the guy getting knocked down a whole lot. My body probably hasn’t been punished as much as the other guys have been. I think it’s because I show up everyday and I try to do my best – give everything I have.

The Flagship: You’ve worn a mask as Kane, and also without it. Which is more comfortable for you?

Kane: At various times, I’ve favored either one. There are advantages to each. With the mask, there’s more mystery … more mystique. The problem with the mask is that people can’t see your face, which in some ways is pretty cool because they can’t really tell what you’re thinking and you have to use more body language … When you’re able to express emotion with your face, it’s more clear. From an entertainment and showbiz standpoint, the mask certainly adds a different element to Kane.

The Flagship: You’re currently one half of the WWE Tag-Team Champions and you’ve had various tag-team partners throughout the years. How would you compare your current partner (Daniel Bryan) to other partners in your past?

Kane: Well, he’s different – that’s for sure. What’s cool about Daniel Bryan is that I have now been able to do something that I’ve never been able to do before. Kane has always been sort of a dark character. With Daniel Bryan, we’ve been able to add a lot more lightheartedness, some humor and a lot of comedy. It works even better because it’s such a contrast from what I’ve normally done in the past. He’s completely different than any tag-team partner I’ve ever had. He’s a pain – a monumental pain to get along with. It’s like the odd couple, and somehow, I’ve become the voice of sanity. I don’t know how that’s happened – he’ll do that to you.

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