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Kane Seriously Considering Running For Political Office

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Corporate Kane

Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, is exploring a possible transition into politics. Kane told WBIR 10 News out of Tennessee he’s seriously considering a run as a Republican for the Knox County mayoral seat in 2018.

“Yes, I’ve talked about it with some folks but there’s nothing too solid yet,” he told WBIR 10News. “Mayor Burchett’s term is coming up and I think he’s been really good for Knox County.”

Jacobs added: "I think the most important thing is I care very deeply about this community, like a lot of people do. And that’s the only reason I would consider getting into any sort of government because I do care very deeply. And I think it’s incumbent upon people who care about the communities to try to make a difference.”

CLICK HERE for coverage by WBIR 10News.

Richard Reacts: The GOP is about to give WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump their nomination for the General Presidential Election this fall. Why couldn't Kane run? I'm wondering if Vince McMahon would have ran had he and Linda not have spent so much money ($100 million) on her campaign. Politics and professional wrestling are closely related, actually I can't even tell the difference.

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