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KAYfABE Announcement

#KAYfABE #breakingKAYfABE #ThisIsKAYfABE

The wrestling world has been impatiently waiting today to know what this KAYfABE countdown will reveal

At 6:30pm EST we see a screen with the words and it says that Gail, Lita, and Hemme will be live on 30 minutes.

When you go to the screen it says the following:

Dear Kayfabed,

You have either stumbled into our world or you are a hard-wired rabid member of the sub-culture that is professional wrestling. As a fan, you are the engine that drives the most unique and engrossing form of entertainment on the planet.

Kayfabe is a professional wrestling term derived from carnival lingo that means... to keep secret. Being that we want to keep it REAL, it is the perfect name for our show!

KAYfABE is a one hour professional wrestling show that is 50 percent story and 50 percent in ring action. It is an edgy, racy, cinematic television series about a female led professional wrestling start up. This show is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real life events.

AND YES, this is still at its core, a wrestling show with world-class, in-ring action!

At the heart of this team is Gail Kim, Amy Dumas, and Christy Hemme…. the first female talent in professional wrestling to move behind the camera as producers, agents and on the creative writing team.   

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