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Keith Olbermann Plugs Wrestling News World On ESPN2

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We're going to veer off course for a moment and crossover into mainstream American sports. On Friday, I responded to a segment on Keith Olbermann's late-night show on ESPN2 regarding the US Men's National Team and the World Cup.

In an attempt to be funny, Olbermann shredded the US fans and soccer team on how they qualified for the Knockout round of the World Cup by winning, drawing and losing in a xenophobic rant. I responded on Facebook:

That wasn't my only reply. I wanted to get my Twitter followers in on the action so I Tweeted the following:

">@KeithOlbermann's anti-#USMNT monologue? Why do people feel the need to mock something they don't understand?

— Richard Gray (@wnwdotcom) June 27, 2014

That was enough to warrant a response from the man himself. So what was his clever attempt to debate me? Mock professional wrestling of course.

Click here to watch Olbermann acknowledge the above and mock the business. You can also watch at 2:41 in the video embedded below:

I appreciate the plug. I wish he would have added the ".com" but I only received 2-3 Tweets about it to begin with, indicating Olbermann probably doesn't have a large viewing audience.

I'm a proud fan of Association football (I don't like the term soccer) and yes, I run a professional wrestling website for a living. I also love my country. However, Olbermann's humor isn't funny and it highlights a problem in America. It's the same problem that creates bullying. A bully is someone with low self-esteem so when they don't understand something, they feel threatened by it. So rather than showing tolerance and respect, they mock it. This represents one of the lowest forms of humanity and legitimatizes the stereotype that Americans are low-IQ bullies.

Even worse, this type of behavior encourages and cultivates platforms for discrimination. It's all fun and games when someone mocks soccer or professional wrestling but this is a problem the LGBT community deals with on a daily basis. It's the behavior that created some of the biggest black eyes in American history. Slavery. Segregation. Not allowing women to vote. The list goes on and on and it begins with the same type of mentality that Olbermann displayed in his attempt at humor.

It's time that not only Americans but all of humanity "get over" things they do not understand. Xenophobia is dangerous and it needs to stop. It's not funny, it's not cute and those that partake in such practices are not clever but ignorant. I'm not suggesting Olbermann is a homophobe or a racist but his mentality is what perpetuates such despicableness. He's probably desperate for viewers so he relegates himself to the childish high school jock mentality and that on the surface is pathetic.

3:45 PM EDT June 28, 2014 Update: Below is my statement on social media that summarizes my point derived in part from comments made below:

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