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Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off From WWE

Kelly Kelly will be taking a break from WWE and is now accepting bookings through an agent outside of WWE. The former WWE Divas Champion requested time off due to burn out and her request was granted.

There are many in the company that believe she will not return although she remains under contract as of this writing. For information on booking Kelly Kelly, you can contact Heidi at

Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word that Kelly has changed the description on her official Twitter account. You can view it below:

Barbie Blank/Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva, MAXIM Cover Girl and 100 Hottest Women. For full appearances/endorsements please contact Heidi at
tampa,fl ·

Note from Richard: I apologize for the delay on this news as I have been out of the office since Wednesday due to the birth of our first child. He and Kara (my wife) are doing great, everyone is just trying to get caught up on sleep. Ask WNW will resume on Monday. Thank you for your patience and for all the kinds emails, text messages, Tweets, Facebook interactions, etc. It is all greatly appreciated.

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