Ken Shamrock Works Security For 50 Cent, WWE Network Pricing, Does Foley Miss Wrestling?

- TMZ is reporting that Ken Shamrock worked security for 50 Cent at The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Shamrock is now working for a company that provides security for "high-end clients."

- I've received a lot of questions regarding the pricing of the WWE Network. A subscription to the WWE Network will cost $9.99/month but that rate is only available with a 6-month commitment, meaning it will be billed as $59.94 every 6 months. 2:00 PM EST January 11, 2014 Update: As explained here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, this is incorrect. Subscriptions will in fact be billed monthly, however, subscribers still must make a 6-month commitment. End update.

- While doing a promotional interview for upcoming comedy shows in Webster, New York, Mick Foley said he doesn't really miss wrestling because his comedy shows fill "that void." You can read a piece featuring quotes from Foley at this link.

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