Kenny Dykstra Expected To Get WWE Deal But Fired From Day Job

Kenny Dykstra

We have good news and bad news for Kenny Dykstra (a/k/a Kenn Doane).

As we reported here on Wrestling News World Premium at the end of last month, Dykstra is expected to be offered a WWE contract once his current run as a member of The Spirit Squad ends. Dykstra was once seen as a star in the making but his maturity faltered and he was released with backstage heat. That hasn't been the case this time around as he seems like a different person, with everyone raving over his good attitude and professionalism during his latest stint on the Smackdown roster.

But now for the bad news. Pro Wrestling Sheetreported on Saturday that Dykstra was fired from his day job at the non-profit charity he was a director at due to missing an excessive amount of days.

Dykstra reportedly accepted the firing because he's chasing his dream but he has still not been offered or signed a WWE contract.

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