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Kevin Eck Reveals A Couple More Rejected Storylines

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We reported here just recently about a rejected storyline involving AJ Lee going to an asylum and hooking up with a new boyfriend Dean Ambrose, which would allow him to make his debut on the main roster. Here are a couple other interesting rejected storylines that former WWE Creative writer Kevin Eck pitched but were turned down.

Indy Stars Invade WWE

"My idea began with former ECW star Tommy Dreamer being named the head of WWE's scouting department. As someone who paid his dues on the independent scene and didn't have the traditional WWE look, Dreamer's goal was to give guys with similar qualities an opportunity. On "Raw 1,000," Dreamer would formally announce Ambrose, Rollins and Ohno were now part of the WWE roster. They would go on to compete that night in a six-man tag match against three lower-card heels and go over in impressive fashion.

After the match, Ambrose, Rollins and Ohno would call Dreamer into the ring, seemingly to thank him for what he's done for them. Instead, they turn on him and deliver a brutal, three-on-one beat-down to the lovable veteran. On the following week's show, they explain that they just used Dreamer to get their foot in the door in WWE. They say Dreamer wanted them to work their way up the card and do things the right way, but they're not going to play by his rules. They reveal that their leader is someone with a background like theirs who knows success is achieved by any means necessary: Bryan (who was a heel at that time)."

Big Show Beats Up Dos Caras

Del Rio had just turned babyface and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Big Show, and we were trying to come up with an angle that would escalate their feud and generate heat for Big Show and sympathy for Del Rio.

I suggested we bring in Del Rio's father, Dos Caras, who had a legendary career in Mexico as a masked luchador, for an appearance on WWE TV that culminated with Big Show attacking the sexagenarian, removing his mask and proceeding to carry it around like a trophy in the ensuing weeks. As is the tradition for masked pro wrestlers in Mexico, Dos Caras never appeared in public unmasked, and forcibly removing a luchador's mask was the ultimate sign of disrespect.

Vince McMahon shot down the pitch for two reasons: He said the American audience wouldn't grasp how sacred the mask is to Mexican wrestlers, and he also believed a senior citizen in street clothes and a mask would look ridiculous.


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