Kevin Nash: All Charges Dropped, More On WWE


Kevin Nash Tweeted on Wednesday that all charges against him stemming from his arrest on Christmas Eve 2014 have been dropped. Below is the Tweet from his verified account:

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Prior to announcing the dismissal of the charges filed against him, Nash said he didn’t see himself returning to WWE programming after his suspension. He elaborated on that in a later Tweet: Click here to load Tweet (if not loaded)

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Richard Reacts: While a person in the United States is innocent until proven guilty when in trouble with the law, the opposite is true for celebrities. Celebrities are guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion. It’s not fair but that's the way it is and unfortunately, that’s never going to change. People in the public eye have to be extra careful about any trouble with the law, as they are held to a higher standard than a normal civilian. I don’t think Kevin Nash would beat his son and am glad to see everything is cleared up and the charges have been dismissed.

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