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Kevin Owens On Headbutting Vince McMahon, Titles & Social Media

Kevin Owens

In a recent interview with AL.comKevin Owens spoke on a number of different topics.

On headbutting Vince McMahon:

Can you paint a picture of what goes through your head when you find out that you're going to headbutt Vince McMahon?

"No I really can't, honestly. It's pretty indescribable. But it's something I'll remember forever, I'll guarantee you that. [laughs]"

On the difference with the WWE Title and Universal Title:

How important is winning the WWE championship to you? Obviously you'd be a grand slam champion, but now that you've been Universal champion, which is a top title in the company, why would it still mean a lot to win the WWE title?

"Honestly, to me, the WWE championship and the Universal championship are the same thing. They're the top championships on the respective brands. If the brand extension were to end or whatever may happen, those titles would just be fused into the WWE championship again. The point is, they mean the same thing. So of course I want to be WWE champion because of what it means, and that means you're the top superstar. I don't think that you necessarily have to be the champion to be the top superstar, but it certainly helps. It's an accolade that everybody wants. Who doesn't want to be WWE champion? I was Universal champion, and I'm very proud of that, and that's always going to be a highlight of my career. But of course I want to be WWE champion, just like I want to be tag team champion eventually. All the titles just mean your work is being recognized, and you're seen as someone who can represent the company. That's always very gratifying."

On social media:

You have a really great voice on Twitter, but you've also expressed concerns about the nastier aspects of social media. Where do you stand right now in terms of how you manage your social media presence and how you engage with fans both positive and negative?

"I really don't go on Twitter as much as I used to. I feel like as you become more well-known, more and more people have access to you and know who you are. There's a lot of people out there who are just miserable in their own lives I guess and just trying to make other people miserable as well to bring themselves up. There's no shortage of that, that's for sure. It's taken a toll on my in terms of how much I love social media. I don't enjoy it as much. But whenever I do, I get messages from people telling me how my work helps them in their life in the struggles they're going through. That always means the world to me. It will never stop. There's something very special about meeting fans you know you reach with your work. We do this every week, we get into a routine, and as passionate as we may be, it's like any other job in a way. Once you do something long enough, you kind of get used to it. Sometimes we're lucky enough to meet somebody that's really touched by your work, and that always puts things in perspective and is really cool."

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