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Kevin Owens Pulled From Smackdown's South America Tour

KO Sami

Kevin Owens has been pulled from the Smackdown's tour in South America. In what has been a crazy news day, it was announced he was removed from the tour for "personal reasons." Kevin Owen's will miss WWE's three remaining house shows in South America this weekend. Per WWE

Kevin Owens is off the South America tour due to personal reasons and will not be at the shows in Argentina and Chile. Owens did travel to South America with the SmackDown roster and wrestled at last night's event in Buenos Aires, Argentina before leaving the tour.

Zack Reacts: It just seems unlikely that this is a coincidence to me. The same day that all this other crazy stuff is happening Owens just happens to have to leave the tour for personal reasons? I'd much rather it be him showing up at TLC, rather than a real emergency. I hope his family and friends are happy and healthy. 

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