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Before Elimination Chamber I was thinking maybe Kevin Owens could face Roman Reigns yet again at WrestleMania 37 but but found it unlikely. I also thought Owens could have a marquee match against a legend but I think Elimination Chamber revealed Owens feud and one that will most likely bring us all the way to the show of shows WrestleMania. 

Last Sunday in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match Jey Uso trapped Owens arm in the cage door which led to a beating then the eventual elimination of Owens by Jey Uso. It's looing almost locked up that Jey and Owens will continue to feud into Mania. Edge and Owens will most likely be working together against Reigns in Uso building to Mania but Mania will have Edge face Reigns for the title and Uso will face Owens of course the Owens match isn't guaranteed but very likely. Below will be a few scenarios for Owens post Mania assuming Owens and Jey Uso is the WrestleMania matchup.

1. Prizefighter returns and betrays the opportunist


But what after Mania? Owens needs to be constantly featured and he could lose and take an absence from television to set up a huge return or his status on SmackDown could be on stake at WrestleMania and they move him to RAW. Whatever ever happens he is one of WWE's top stars and should still be used consistently. He could win and go back to the title picture but that's too soon at least it is if Reigns wins. Owens beating Uso and Edge beating Reigns then leading to Owens going to celebrate with Edge then turning on him could be what happens and a Edge and Owens feud would be great. I also miss heel Owens. Owens is a main event star and should be close to it or in it at all times. this Owens/Edge angle assures that. 

2. A fallen warrior moves homes


In this scenario Owens loses to Jey Uso at Mania and because of the loss has to leave SmackDown. He returns a few weeks later on RAW to challenge The Hurt Business, specifically Bobby Lashley. Yes this scenario is assuming Lashley is the WWE Champion after Mania. This scenario also involves Owens staying babyface. Owens has been primarily facing opponents in factions and this keeps that but this time it could end with him with a world championship. If Lashley wins the WWE Championship next week a long reign would be nice and deserved and I know this scenario implies Lashley losing it not too long after Mania but these scenarios aren't predictions or ordered by likelihood. They are fun scenario just to start a discussion. 

3. Positive thinking be damned the prizefighter returns...

This scenario is one that include Owens turning heel after Mania but going down from the World Title picture to the Intercontinental Title picture. This scenario involves Big E still being Intercontinental Champion. After Mania Owens would turn heel for this feud and face Big E who he once replaced just to earn the trust of Kofi Kingston when Kingston was WWE Champion and stab him in the back. This feud would have Big E remember that and would be a personal feud. 

What are some scenarios you would like to see Owens involved in or you think he will be after Mania? Let me know in the comments or on twitter, @juicecannon1. Thanks for stopping by guys and be sure to check out more content on Wrestling News World and even look into our premium content!

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