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Kevin & Tristen Nash Released From Jail Following Separate Incidents

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Kevin Nash and his son Tristen were arrested in two separate incidents early Wednesday morning. The incidents occurred at the Nash residence just after midnight. We detailed both incidents and arrests through a TMZ report here on Wrestling News World.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal — citing the police report — is reporting that Nash changed his story to reflect that Tristen spit in his face.

According to the police report, Kevin had a scratch that was bleeding next to his left eye; Tristen had a cut on his elbow and redness on his chest. Kevin would not allow a deputy to photograph his cut and would not fill out a statement. He told the responding officer to, “Get a subpoena.”

Tristen stated that his father took him down by grabbing his neck and his right shoulder. He claimed he could not breathe because his father was pressing down on his chest. Tristen admitted to grabbing Kevin’s face in attempt to get him off his chest, according to the police report.

Tamara Nash -- Kevin's wife and Tristen's mother -- also changed her story in midstream, according to the report. At first she claimed to have been on the second floor of the house and heard nothing between her husband and son. Once Kevin was in custody, she said that Tristen had started the fight and she was in fear due to past physical altercations with him.

An hour after Kevin was arrested, just before 2 AM, a different deputy responded to the residence after a 911 call from Tristen’s uncle Jerry McMichael. McMichael reported that Tristen had “slung” his mother around the kitchen.

McMichael allegedly tried to stop Tristen Nash from hurting his mother and while on the phone with a sheriff’s dispatcher, he warned him. McMichael told the dispatcher that Tristen “got his ass whopped” by him.

McMichael stated to the second deputy that Tristen had been “heavily drinking” all night and would fill out a statement. Tamara Nash refused to cooperate and would not accept a Domestic Violence Rights and Remedies packet.

Tamara — who is McMichael’s sister - began arguing with him when he started filling out his statement, the police report states. McMichael then refused to finish filling out his statement.

Both Kevin and Tristen Nash were charged with battery, a misdemeanor. They were released from jail Wednesday afternoon on their own recognizance.

Attorney Michael J Politis released the following statement on behalf of the family:

“It's an unfortunate situation. They're a good family. I'm hoping the State Attorney's Office will receive my information and dismiss the charges. The kid was out of control, and the father was defending his wife. I'm pretty confident we will have a resolution in the next couple of months.”

As we reported here at Wrestling News World, WWE has suspended Nash’s Legends contract until the domestic dispute is resolved.

CLICK HERE for coverage by The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

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