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King Mo Wants To Help CM Punk With Transition

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Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal ran into CM Punk at Syndicate Gym in Las Vegas last Friday, a day before Punk announced his multi-fight deal with UFC live on pay-per-view. Mo actually didn’t recognize Punk at first because of how tall he was.

Here was a photo that made rounds on social media:

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King Mo spoke to about seeing CM Punk, the differences between MMA and pro wrestling and more.

Below are some excerpts from their piece:

On Punk’s training last Friday:

“I just saw him grappling, and he looks like a jiu-jitsu guy,” Lawal said. “He looks like a brown belt; he moves real well on the mat. He’s real smooth.”

Inviting CM Punk to train with him:

“Any pro wrestler or any pro grappler that changes it up and needs help, I’m going to help them,” Lawal said.

Comparing MMA and pro wrestling:

“People don’t want to believe me, but … wrestling is much harder on your body than MMA is,” he said today. “Way harder.”

If CM Punk will have success:

“It’s just a matter of him being comfortable,” Lawal said. “He could throw the worst punches and the worst takedowns, but if he has true belief in what he’s doing, then it’s going to work.”

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