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Kofi Kingston Looking To Break Into The Top Tier, Discusses Rumble Chair Spot

Kofi Kingston

SLAM! Wrestling has a new article online featuring quotes from Kofi Kingston. Below are the highlights:

Losing the Jamaican accent and character:

"I think it's definitely been a help," he said about the change. "If you look at the history of the greats in WWE, everyone has an evolution. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin started out as the Ring Master, Triple H was first Hunter Hearst Helmsley, even The Rock started off as Rocky Maivia. Those weren't really them. The more you transition into being yourself, it becomes more real. Obviously I'm not Jamaican -- I've never even been to Jamaica. But if you can transition your character from one thing to another, it makes a great story. Looking back on your career, you need to have some sort of progression. Character development is a huge part of that."

Hurting himself before a bout:

"There was one time I was in Europe, and the arena was so cold, it was very hard to warm up. A lot of times, you kind of jump around for a few minutes and you can go. I probably should have warmed up a lot more than I did for this match. I think it was with Dolph (Ziggler). He had gone out to the ring, and I go to go up the stairs. I jumped two times and then I pulled something in my back. So I can't move, literally. Normally I come out and do the three 'thunderclaps' and jump off the ramp. But I couldn't do that. I get to the ring thinking how I was going to get through the match."

Lack of privacy as a WWE Superstar:

"It can be hard living in the public eye," he confirmed. "You lose a lot of privacy, you always have eyes on you. You'll be out for dinner with your family, and people will be coming up to you asking for autographs in the middle of your meal. They're excited because they see you on TV, and now all of a sudden they're seeing a real life character in front of them. So the excitement overtakes them."

The chair spot in the Royal Rumble:

"Initially, I did think about jumping from the table to the ring," he revealed. "But when you get out there, it's like, 'Uhhhh, this might be kind of risky.' (I wanted to) try it, but those tables are so rickety sometimes that you think to yourself, 'If you don't make it, how stupid are you going to look for even trying?' It's like, of course you didn't make it, nobody could make that jump. On top of that, the ring is set a little bit higher than the table. So I feel like I could maybe jump from the ring to the table -- maybe. But the table to the ring, not so much. But I definitely did think about it. And then you hear the crowd cheering, 'Yeah, come on, just do it! Do it!' And you're like, 'Yeah, okay ... um, on second thought, no.'"

His goals:

"I'm focusing right now on breaking into that top tier," he said. "I feel that now I'm so close, you know. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but like I said, I feel I can go out there with anybody and be great. It's just a matter of getting opportunities to do so and staying the course of what I do. I always say that I don't have control over what the direction of the show will be, and what storylines I'll be in. But what I do have control over is being in the ring and doing what I do. Regardless of what's going on and whomever I'm in there with, I'll be able to go out there and do some incredible things. It's like I said, I always want to be moving ahead."

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