Kurt Angle Says TNA "Trumped The WWE" During Contract Negotiations


The Mirror out of the United Kingdom has a new Q&A online with TNA Champion Kurt Angle. In it, Angle talked about his decision to re-sign with TNA Wrestling when his contract expired last year.

Below is an excerpt from this piece:

Last year you openly discussed your plan to finish your contract with TNA in September and re-sign with WWE to finish out your career. Can you clear up what happened there?

You know what, when it came down to it, I talked to both companies and it was an easy decision. From every perspective, from amount of dates, to the amount of money, to the amount of interest, it wasn't a hard decision - TNA trumped the WWE. And for whatever reason, maybe the WWE didn't think I could still go, maybe they just wanted to start grooming younger talent, although they've obviously hired Sting, brought in Batista and brought guys back like Jericho... I don't know the full story, it could be anything, but when it came down to it I had my options open. I never said I was going to leave TNA and I never said I wouldn't go back to WWE, but when I looked at the best scenario for me, hands down it was TNA. It wasn't something I had to sit down and think about for hours, the writing was on the wall. It was TNA for one more year.

It's been reported in some quarters that you didn't want to work a full-time schedule. It's also been suggested it was a case of personal differences between you and Triple H, after you approached Vince McMahon rather than him. Is that true?

I don't think so, I don't think that Triple H and I have any problems with each other, I've always liked him. He's always treated me with respect and I've always treated him the same. No, I don't think it was that. There was a point when my manager talked to them and I believe they did say 'he would have to wrestle full-time'. That is not an option for me, not at this point in my career. So, whether that was part of it, honestly I just don't think they had that much interest in signing Kurt Angle at that point. For whatever reason, it could have been my mishaps in my past, it could have been that they didn't think I was healthy enough to go - and obviously I am - but we never got a full answer of why they couldn't give me what I wanted. And it wasn't just what I wanted, it was a reduced schedule, but there was no option.

Dixie Carter gave me exactly what I wanted and it wasn't a hard decision. I wasn't upset, I was excited about signing another year with TNA. I think they did an incredible job this year. They had to refocus, they had to re-group, they had some issues in the past, and I think they've done an incredible job of making their way back. Are they back to what they were? No. But they're on their way and they're doing so many good things right now that make me excited about being part of the company.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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