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Kurt Angle Talks TNA Regrets, Kenny Omega and More

Kurt Angle 2017

In a recent Q&A on Facebook, Kurt Angle answered a few interesting questions including if he has any regrets regarding leaving WWE for TNA:

"I can't. I had a great career in TNA, maybe better than my WWE career. I had a reduced schedule there. And I wrestled so many greats AJ, Joe, Sting, Roode...To name a few. My body couldn't hold up to the rigorous schedule in WWE at the time. I always imagine the career I could have had if I stayed in WWE. It would have been incredible, but I couldn't stay so I can't keep asking myself 'What if?'"

He was also asked who he would like to see go against Kenny Omega if he came to WWE:

"Seth Rollins or AJ Styles. I'd love a shot at Kenny as well. I have a list of dream opponents that I would like to compete against. These three are in the list."

Finally, Angle had some words about young wrestlers getting an education before getting in the business:

"Education first! You're still young after you graduate college. If you skip college and promise yourself you'll go back and graduate later on in life, there's a 99 percent chance you won't. Get your degree. Then focus on wrestling."

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