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Kurt Angle's Ex-Girlfriend Discusses Domestic Violence Incident From 2009

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Kurt Angle 2017

Former TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan previously dated Kurt Angle some years ago and recently took to social media to discuss a domestic violence incident between the two back in 2009.

She had ended their relationship when she claimed that Angle had abused her a few times but the judge decided that there was "insufficient evidence" to make that claim and Angle's lawyer argued that it could have come from her years on the road as a pro wrestler.

Rhaka (real name Trenesha Biggers) has been posting countless items on Twitter including messages sent to her by Kurt and legal matters in the case. It could be classified by some as obsessive due to the heavy influx of messages and there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of proof behind them with the messages just showing Kurt apologizing for general things. He asks how her neck is doing in several messages and apologizes but it's not clear that he is apologizing for any abuse or anything of the sort.

There are way too many tweets to post here but you can check it out for yourself by finding her on Twitter (@I_Am_Trenesha).


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