Lana & Rusev Weigh In On Their Engagement, How WWE Covered It


Dot com covered the real life engagement of Rusev and Lana, featuring exclusive comments from both members of the happy couple. The website simply found a way to intertwine current storylines to make an article clickable and sharable.

“It’s very obvious Rusev proposed to me,” said Lana. “If you watched Rusev and Summer, Rusev has always loved me. He was just so devastated about me picking Dolph that he went with Summer to make me jealous. But at the end of the day, we know we’re good for each other.”

With Rusev adding…

“I am from the former Soviet Union; Rusev grew up in Bulgaria, and one common thread they teach you there is to survive,” said Lana. “The winters get very cold and they get very dark. We do what we need to do to survive. This is what is happening. We will be leaving the greatest legacy this company and the WWE Universe has ever seen.”

CLICK HERE to read the piece in is entirety.

Corey had the story earlier, citing the engagement of Lana and Rusev courtesy of TMZ.

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