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Latest Backstage News On Medical Clearance Of Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan

To update on Daniel Bryan’s status in the midst of WWE’s talent crisis due to a multitude of injuries, many people within the company feel he won’t get the green light unless Dr. Joseph Maroon, WWE’s Medical Director, signs off.

This is a point that Jim Ross recently made on his podcast and reiterated in a blog. JR noted if he was still in charge of the WWE roster, he’d go only with Dr. Maroon.

Bryan has been very public about receiving clearance from a neurologist, who worked last year’s Super Bowl, but WWE’s doctor is skeptical because of his concussion history. He stated last month WWE wanted a third opinion on him and we don’t have the details on how that appointment went.

We understand there is a lot of speculation and theories about WWE intentionally holding Bryan off television, Zach even addressed them, but the consensus opinion within WWE is that Vince McMahon wants Maroon to sign off before they allow him to work again.

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