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Latest Details On Finn Balor Being Called Up To Main WWE Roster

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Finn Balor

A lot has been written about WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor and when he’ll be called up to the main roster. Triple H even addressed it on Thursday in a non-kayfabe media conference call. It’s an interesting situation that is reflective of just how much has changed.

When Balor first signed with WWE last year, he wanted assurances he wouldn’t “waste away” in developmental and wanted a clear path to the main roster. After being under WWE contract for 19 months, the entire perception of NXT has changed. Not only is it seen as the brand with all the steam, it’s also seen as a “safer” environment from a creative standpoint. The feeling is a lot of workers that had considerable success in NXT get called up, only to get lost in the shuffle. It’s literally gone from a place workers like Balor wanted out of as soon as possible to a place where they don’t want to leave, especially if they’re making more money than the average development deal (which is Balor’s situation).

The last I heard, Triple H was urging patience with Balor to the main roster. I know more than a few people within WWE are worried that he’ll be mishandled on the main roster and lose the incredible steam he has generated with the gimmick. As for when a call-up could happen, while the clock is ticking, it’s a much more complex situation than it would have been less than two years ago.

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