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Latest On Ronda Rousey Returning To WWE For Wrestlemania 32

Ronda Rousey’s stock continues to soar after yet another dominant victory over the weekend. We’re most interested in Rousey potentially appearing at Wrestlemania 32 next year after her unannounced appearance at the show this year alongside The Rock. For those wondering the latest, I’ve done a little digging.

We reported here on Premium in July that UFC is being coy about whether or not they’ll let Ronda wrestle or even be involved at the show. As a result, the feeling is Triple H vs. The Rock without any involvement from her is not nearly as appealing as Hunter & Stephanie McMahon vs. Rock & Rousey, which would be huge.

Vince is trying to posture like WWE is fine with or without Ronda and they can just do Hunter vs. Rock even if there is no involvement with her, but there is plenty of internal skepticism.

Rousey is under a long-term contract with UFC that she signed in March 2015 and any appearance would have to be approved by the organization (her appearance at Wrestlemania 31 was approved). WWE is dealing with UFC directly to try and work out a deal for her to appear next year but so far, UFC hasn’t signed off on anything. It’s becoming more and more unlikely Rousey will be able to wrestle on the show but some sort of appearance or her being in The Rock’s corner isn’t that far fetched.

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