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Jim Ross, who oversaw Talent Relations in WWE in the early 2000s and worked as a talent scout in his latter days with the company, wrote the following about Samoa Joe possibly working for them:

Lots of questions about Samoa Joe leaving TNA and where I think that Joe will end up. I don't know the answer to that question but I can say that I'm a fan of Joe's work and that I feel that he will stay as busy as he chooses to be. Joe could be a valuable asset to WWE as it relates to working with young talents who need to work with someone better than them to learn. Sometimes change can be a good thing for all involved. Nonetheless I can* see how Samoa Joe, put in the proper role, could be an asset to WWE.

* = edited typographical error

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There has been a lot of buzz about Samoa Joe since he announced he decided to part ways with TNA Wrestling. Joe’s contract was up and and extension couldn’t be agreed upon.

Joe already has plenty of interest from independent promoters but the mainstream audience wants to know if there is any chance he goes to WWE. His age (going on 36 next month) and WWE’s invalidation of success outside of their ring works against him. Some feel Triple H is interested from an NXT usage standpoint, but I wouldn't put a lot in said reports.

I certainly believe WWE will miss a huge opportunity if they do not at least try to acquire the services of Joe, but we all know the political mountain and obstacles that such a run would entail.

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