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Latest Update On Ultimate Warrior's Death

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For those that missed it on Wednesday, an autopsy is scheduled on the body of the Ultimate Warrior on Thursday if it hasn't been done already. The results will take some time to get back.

The latest regarding his untimely passing is that all signs point to a massive heart attack. There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol being a factor and according to reports, he clutched at his chest before going down.

He was with his wife Dana at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday evening, walking down a hallway when he collapsed. He was transported to a local hospital by Scottsdale firefighters.

Those that spent time around Warrior over Wrestlemania weekend noted something was off and there were signs he was not in good health. Everything from constant sweating, to having a red face, to being stooped over has been reported.

Warrior had agreed to a new multiyear deal with WWE to act as an ambassador, it was not a deal that included physical involvement.

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