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NXT Live Results (5/1/2014)

WWE NXT Results (5/01/14)
From Full Sail University
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with HHH in the ring.

He talks about how NXT is the future. As time goes by the future gets more and more blurred. Naming talent on the main roster who came from NXT. Talks about May 29th will be a live special (reported by yours truly) NXT Take over.

NXT video plays.

Tyson Kidd vs Bo Dallas

Both men lock up. Bo backs up Kidd into the corner. The break the lock and back out of the corner. Both men circle each other and lock up. Bo throws Kidd. Kidd gets up and gets behind Bo. Bo reverses and gets a head lock on Kidd. Kidd shoves off Bo into the ropes. Kidd then gets Bo into the corner and gives him a series of knees. Kidd takes Bo out and gives him a suplex. Tyson kid to the top rope and Bo rolls out of the ring. Tyson hops to the outside and Bo sweeps the leg. Bo rolls Kidd into the ring for a pin of 2. Bo picks Kidd up and give shim a few elbows. Then gives him a clothesline. Bo goes for the pin gets only two. Bo gets a headlock on Kidd. Kidd punches his way out of it. Throws Bo into the ropes goes for the drop kick and misses. Bo pins Kidd for two. Bo goes for another headlock. Bo goes for a suplex Kidd reverses. Gives Bo a hurricanrana into the corner. Kidd gives Bo a series of kicks. Hits the ropes and drop kicks Bo to the head. Goes for the pin and gets two. Tyson hits the ropes and gets a belly to belly from Bo. Bo pins for two. Bo picks Kidd up bull dogs him into the corner pins and only gets two. Bo is frustrated. Tyson to the top rope and gets caught climbing. Tyson gives Bo a kick to the kid and hits Bo with the Block Buster.

Tyson Kidd wins via pinfall.

Bo is frustrated in the ring after the match saying his shoulders were up.

Backstage segment with Camacho.

Camacho talks about not being a party pooper. He says he throws the best parties in NXT. Adam Rose interrupts. A party suddenly erupts.

Backstage segment Bayley talking about the tournament for NXT Divas Championship.

Backstage segment with Sasha also talking about the tournament for NXT Divas Championship

Bayley vs Sahsa Banks First Round

Sasha drives Bayley into the corner. Banks snaps Bayley to the matt. Drives Bayley back into the corner. Banks goes to suplex Bayley and gets reversed. Bayley gets the roll up for two. Bayley gets a backslide pin on Banks for two. Banks whips Bayley back into the corner Bayley climbs up the ropes, jumps, and arm drags Banks. Bayley hugs Banks and drives her into the corner repeatedly. Bayley gives Banks a series of slaps into the corner. Bayley gives Banks a suplex. Pin for two. Sasha drop kicks bailey into the corner. Sasha returns the series of slaps to Bayley. Bayley pushes Sasha into the ropes and back drops her. Bayley gives Sasha a few clubbing blows. Bayley gets a belly to belly and Sasha rolls out of the ring. Sasha hits Bankrupt goes for the pin and gets two. Sasha picks up Bayley gives her a back cracker and rolls into a camel clutch.

Winner via submission Sasha Banks.

Video package for Brodus Clay.

Adam Rose vs Danny Burch

Both men lock up and Danny gets an arm lock. Adam Rose rolls out and rolls around the ring. Rose rolls into the corner. Adam Rose grabs Danny Burch's arm and wrenches him to the matt. Danny gets up and throws Rose into the turnbuckle head first. Adam gets angry and hits Burch with a series of punches. Rose runs and his Danny in the corner with his elbow. Rose sets up in the corner. Hits the party foul on Danny.

Winner via Pinfall Adam Rose.

Camacho crashes Adam Rose's party.

Backstage segment with Brodus.

Natalya vs Layla First Round Match

Women circle the ring and lock up. Layla tosses Nattie. Layla gets an arm lock. Nattie rolls and flips out. Nattie goes for the suplex and gets reversed. Layla snaps her back gets a pin for two. Layla locks in a submission on Nattie. Nattie gets out and hits Layla with a clothes line. Nattie hits Layla with a snap suplex. Nattie hits the ropes and give her a big clothes lie. Nattie goes for the sharpshooter but Layla reverses. Nattie tries again. Nattie locks in the sharpshooter and Layla submits.

Winner via submission Nattie.

Backstage segment with Adrian Nevil

Mojo Rawley vs Oliver Grey

Oliver hits Mojo in the gut and hits him with a series of clubs. Mojo reverses and throws him into the corner and splashes Oliver. Mojo hits Oliver with a hyperdrive. Mojo gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall Mojo Rawley

Aiden English comes out after the match. Tells Mojo to get off his stage. Aiden blindsides Mojo. Mojo capitalizes and sends Aiden crawling up the ramp.

Brodus vs Adrian Nevil © No DQ for the NXT Championship

Adrian comes out of the corner with forearm shots. Adrian pulled down the rope as Brodus rushed him and Brodus tumbled outside. Adrian suicide dives and hits Brodus in spectacular fashion. Adrian kicks Brodus. Both men are now in the ring. Adrian hits Brodus with another series of kicks. Adrian hits Brodus square in the jaw. Adrian goes for the Red Arrow and Brodus rolls away and climbs up the corner. Adrian sets up in the opposite corner. Adrian drop kicks Brodus in the corner. Adrian climbs the turnbuckle leaps off and Brodus reverses. Gives him a series of punches. Brodus sets up Adrian upside down and splashes him. Picks him up and gives him a capture suplex. Brodus gives him an elbow and a pin for one. Brodus clubs Adrian's back. Brodus crashes down on Nevil from the second rope. Pins Adrian for two. Brodus gets Nevil up for a back breaker submission. Adrian gains momentum and gets out. Gives Brodus a drop kick. Nevil his the ropes and Brodus headbutts him. Brodus gives Nevil a power bomb. Brodus goes to the second rope and splashes down on Nevil. Pins Adrian for two. Brodus in frustration leave the ring looking for the title. Brodus gets in the ring. Rushes Adrian in the corner to hit him with the title and Adrian reverses. Adrian to the top rope and hits Brodus with a Red Arrow. Adrian pins Brodus for the win.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Nevil.

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