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NXT Live Results (5/13/2014)

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WWE NXT Results (5/15/14)
From Full Sail University
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

Show starts off with a recap of the Battle Royal from last week.

Ascension vs Buddy Murphy and Elias Samson

Buddy Murphy and Viktor start off in the ring. Buddy rushes Viktor and gets ducked and hits the corner. Viktor tags out and Konnor starts stomping Buddy in the corner. Conner continues to stomp Buddy all over the ring. Konnor tags out and they double team Buddy with the high low for the pinball victory.

Ascension wins via Pinfall.

Konner grabs the mic at the end of the match.

He says they laid waste to the NXT universe. Viktor demands they send them someone new to destroy.

Out comes El Local and Kalisto. They said they've never wrestled each other and offers up a challenge.

Backstage segment with Sami Zayn

Sami talks about this is his chance to get that championship and that it's an obsession.

Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte accompanied by Sasha.

Alexa gets a rear headlock on Charlotte and gets backed into the corner. Alexa rolls Charlotte up in a small package for two. Charlotte throws Alexa into the rob and gives her a knee to the gut. Pins Alexa for two. Charlotte chokes Alexa on the middle rope and then pulls her out and puts Alexa into an Abdominal Stretch. Alexa gets out rolls Charlotte up for two. Charlotte gives Alexa clothes line and puts her in the turnbuckle upside down. stomps her and pulls her out. Pins her for two. Charlotte gets Alexa in another Abdominal Stretch. Alexa rolls up Charlotte again for two. Alexa mounts a small offense and Charlotte back drops her gets reversed and pins for two. Alexa gets caught in the cross body and gets a back breaker from Charlotte. Charlotte pins for two. Charlotte has Alexa bent backwards over her knee torquing on the next. Alexa throws a punch and gets out. Charlotte gives Alexa a few knees and stomps. Charlotte goes to the second rope choke again. Charlotte caught Alexa in another cross body to a backdrop. Then hits Alexa with a Bow Down to the Queen finisher.

Winner via pinfall Charlotte

Footage from earlier today by Tyler Breeze.

He talks via selfie camera angle about the upcoming triple threat.

Mojo Rawley vs Aiden English

Aiden spotlighted enchants us with another beautiful melody.

Mojo backs Aiden into the corner. Aiden gets out and clubs mojo on the back. Mojo hits the ropes and gives Aiden a cross body. Pins him for two. Mojo in the line man stance doing a roll back and forth. Aiden hits Mojo with a neck breaker. Goes for the cover and then hits a couple elbows. Aiden throws Mojo in the corner and gives him a few boots the gut. Aiden grinds Mojo with his forearm on the top rope. Aiden pins Mojo for one. Aiden hits Mojo with a DDT pins for two. Aiden gets Mojo in the headlock. Mojo gets out and slams Aiden. Mojo hits Aiden with a shoulder block and then a clothes line. Splashes Aiden in the corner twice and hits him with the Hyper Drive.

Winner via Pinfall Mojo Rawley.

Angelo Dawkins vs Big Cass

Both men lock up and Cass hits a few knees. Then Clubs Angeloon the back. Cass backs Angelo into the corner. Clubs him on the chest and pulls him out and puts him in another corner and hits another club to the chest. Camera cuts to CJ Parker in the crowd with a sign. Collin hits a few Big elbow drops and gets a pin for two. Coliin gets Angelo in the corner and hits another club. Cass irish whips Angelo and hits a huge clothes line and pins for two. Cass slams Angelo and hits another big elbow. A pin for two. Cass rushes Angelo in the corner and gets a big uppercut. Angelo fights back and gets a big knee. Cass hits Angelo with a big boot. Cass picks him up and hits him with an East River Crossing.

Winner Via pinfall Big Cass

Backstage segment with Bo and JBL

Bo presents letters to JBL from his Bolievers talking about him needing another title shot. JBL says if Bo beats his next opponent he will get a title shot. If he loses he will have to leave NXT for good. Tells him he will give Bo 5 guesses no more no less. Bo guesses Cena JBL laughs and tells him it's Big E.

It's main event time!

Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze to be the #1 contender at NXT Takeover.

All three men hesitant to lock up. Tyson leads the offense with several strikes on Sami and Tyler. Tyson backs Sami into the corner and Breeze clubs Tyson and throws him out of the ring. Tyler chokes Zayn with his knee in the corner. Sami fights out with a series of punches. Tyler responds with a knee to the gut. Tyler splashes Sami with an elbow. Tyson comes in whips Sami and Tyson with a drop kick. Sami Rushes Tyson in the corner and gets hit with a beauty shot.

Commercial break.

we come back to Tyler getting whipped and rushed by Tyson. Tyson gets reversed and a boot to the face. Tyler pulls out Tyson and gives him a knee to the face. Tyler pins Tyson for two. Tyson reverses a pin attempt. Tyler breeze escapes the ring. Tyson goes for a suicide dive and Tyler reverses with a club to the face. Sami suicide dives Tyler to the outside. The climbs the top rope and hits Tyson with a cross body. Sami pins Tyson for two. Tyler is back in the ring. Sami gets his back and Tyler hits a few clubs. Sami gets the sit down power bomb on Tyler. Pins him for two. Sami sets up in the corner and measures breeze. Breeze tries to reverse and Sami caught it. Sami gets Tyler in for a capture suplex and Tyson hits Sami with a German and all men are down. The Ref starts the 1o count. Sami and Tyson are up to their feet. Tyson and Sami connect with forearm punches. Tyson locks Sami in with a sharpshooter. Tyson is sitting down on Sami. Sami is reaching for the rope and Tyson walks him into the middle of the ring. Tyler hits Tyson with a kick. Tyler pins Tyson for two. All men are down again. Tyler clothes lines Tyson out of the ring. Tyler goes to splash Sami in the corner and Sami catches him and capture suplexes Tyler in the corner. Pins him for two. Sami gets Tyler in a wrist lock and slaps his heck. Sami runs up the corner and gets caught my Tyler. Tyler rolls up Sami for two. Tyson kicks Tyler in the ropes. Tyson climbs to the top rope. Tyler meets Tyson with an elbow in the corner. Sami hits Tyler with a kick. Tyler hits the downed Tyler with an elbow from the top rope.

Winner via pinball and the new #1 Contender for the NXT Tile at NXT Takeover Tyson Kidd.

Thank you all for being here! I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you all next week.

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